Win Without War

Congress: It’s time for truth and healing

To members of the 117th Congress:

The crimes this country has committed against Native communities are heinous, widespread, and ongoing. It’s long past time to start treating these communities with the respect they deserve — and we can start by acknowledging what really happened at boarding schools for Native American children.

I urge you to support the establishment of a truth and healing commission to investigate, document, and acknowledge the federal government's past injustices against Native communities.


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Winning without war means building a national security strategy that is grounded in peace and works for ALL of us. 

Throughout the 1800s and 1900s the U.S. government ripped thousands of Native children away from their families and communities in the name of “civilizing” them. Students were forbidden from speaking tribal languages, forced to convert to Christianity, and made to give up their cultural practices. Abuse was commonplace.

Meanwhile the U.S. government trespassed on tribal lands through war and broken treaties — destroying Indigenous communities in its attempts to build national security. And to date, the U.S. government has not acknowledged or provided reparations for their actions against Native communities. But that can change

Add your name to our petition to put the pressure on Congress to support efforts to establish a truth and healing commission that will help us resolve and heal from one of our nation’s darkest periods. →

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