Win Without War

Tell Universities: Divest from the War Industry

Students across the country rose up this year with a clear moral demand of their universities: Divest from weapons and war.

From New York to California, courageous young activists were done with their tuition money and school endowments being invested in corporations that profit from war, violence, and oppression, specifically the Israeli government’s brutal war in Gaza.

But whether it was war in Iraq in the 2000s or war in Gaza today, one thing remains clear: While we work for peace, the weapons lobby is always scheming ways to grow their profits.

Weapons contractors and other war profiteers thrive on the kind of militarized crackdowns and violent suppression of dissent that we have recently witnessed on too many college campuses. They profit from a world order based on fear, division, and endless conflict.

But together, we can use this moment to build something different, and it starts, like it has time and time again, by following young leaders. Can you join alumni, donors, faculty, and community members across the country who care about peace and justice to go toe-to-toe with the weapons lobby?

Add your name to show solidarity with courageous young activists across the country. Urge University Administrators: Divest from weapons contractors and help break the cycle of endless war and violence!

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To U.S. University Administrators:

I am in solidarity with the students calling for peace and justice and join them in their calls to divest from weapons contractors and help break the cycle of endless war and violence.

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