Win Without War

We Say: No more masquerading warmongers and war criminals as “experts”!

The voices we amplify matter. And step one to building a more peaceful U.S. foreign policy is lifting up the voices of those most impacted — not those most interested in upholding the status quo.

Ending endless wars — and preventing future ones — is about more than withdrawing ground forces. It’s about taking foreign policy out of the control of warhawks and profiteers, and putting it back in the hands of the people. And newsrooms across the country play a critical role in propping up the status quo.

That’s why we’re calling on the media to stop amplifying the false expertise. Sign now if you agree: We can’t keep listening to the same old “experts” who used fear and deception to keep us in a decades-long war! 

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To Editors, Bookers, and Journalists in the U.S. media:

Whether it’s war criminals landing primetime interviews; the “blob” of the largely white, male foreign policy establishment; or arms dealers and mercenaries who profit from war, whatever the human cost — we continue to hear from people with little conception of a world beyond U.S. exceptionalism.

That’s why we’re asking you to stop uplifting the failed voices of U.S. foreign policy who led us to war in Afghanistan, and to instead lift up the voices of civilians and experts from impacted communities.

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