Win Without War

Call Congress: Vote NO on the 2020 NDAA!

The House votes TODAY on the fiscal year 2020 National Defense Authorization Act. And it’s not good. 

The FY2020 NDAA is really dangerous. It authorizes weapons like the F35 and nukes — and gives more weapons than the Trump administration even requested. It creates a whole new branch of military called the Space Force. It does nothing to stop Trump from escalating tensions with Iran — just as his administration is considering sending thousands MORE troops to the Middle East. It doesn’t stop support for the devastating war in Yemen, or prevent Trump’s Gateway Nuke. This bill maintains war business as usual: the only way to solve the world’s problems is through military solutions.

It’s crunch time. We cannot allow this bill to slide through. Congress needs to hear from you today that we won’t allow a blank check for Trump’s reckless foreign policy.

☎️ Call now: Tell your representative to vote NO on the NDAA!

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