Win Without War

Tell Congress: Vote NO on the Pentagon budget increase!

Update: House Democratic leadership just withdrew H.R. 2021 from the floor! Read our coalition statement for more, and stay tuned for updates!


The House of Representatives votes on the Pentagon budget as soon as Wednesday — and it includes a truly obscene level of war spending. And not just for this coming year. Because by increasing Pentagon spending today, we are making a whopping three-quarters-of-a-trillion-dollars — or $733,000,000,000!— the status quo for a long time. And that means it will be harder and harder to ever stop the war industry.   

War starts with money. And that’s why we need to stop the war business in its tracks — starting with this Pentagon budget increase.

Luckily, we finally have an opening: members of Congress are speaking up about the bloated Pentagon budget. All we have to do now is force the rest of Congress to follow their colleagues’ lead, and stop funding endless war. So let’s make some calls!  

Call and tell your representative now to vote NO on HR 2021 and oppose the Pentagon increase!

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