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Tell Congress: say NO to Trump’s troop deployment to Syrian oil fields!

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Trump announced in October that he will station U.S. troops at Syrian oil fields — indefinitely — to "secure the oil" (read: steal it).

This may seem like simply another Trump absurdity. Perhaps a way to distract from his impeachment troubles or the continued outcry against White House Senior Policy Advisor Stephen Miller's dangerous and disturbing relationship with white nationalism. But Trump seems deadly serious — and that's terrifying.

From Iraq to Venezuela and now Syria, Trump has openly talked about stealing other countries' oil. Now, he's pledging to use the U.S. military to do just that. Let's be crystal clear: This is illegal and unconstitutional, and could be a WAR crime under the Geneva Conventions.

The way this is supposed to work, is that Congress decides when, where, and whether the United States goes to war. This separation of powers is the bedrock of our constitutional system of checks and balances — designed to defend against this kind of disgusting mission. 

That means getting loud RIGHT NOW. Tell Congress: Reclaim your war powers and say NO to Trump's troop deployment to Syrian oil fields!


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