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Tell Congress: say NO to Trump’s troop deployment to Syrian oil fields!

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Trump announced this week that he plans to station U.S. troops at Syrian oil fields — indefinitely — to “secure the oil” and steal it. 

It may all seem like just another Trump absurdity. Perhaps a way to distract from his green-lighting of Turkey’s attack on Syrian Kurds, or even his own impeachment troubles. But Trump seems deadly serious — and that’s terrifying. 

From Iraq to Venezuela to Syria, Trump has openly talked about stealing other countries' oil. And now he’s pledging to use the U.S. military to do just that. But let’s be crystal clear, this is illegal and unconstitutional. 

Here’s the thing. The way this is supposed to work, is Congress decides when and where and whether the U.S. goes to war. It’s a bedrock of our constitutional system of checks and balances — exactly to protect against this kind of disgusting mission. 

That’s why we need to make Congress do its job and block Trump’s reckless, exploitative, and destructive foreign policy in Syria. And that means getting loud RIGHT NOW.  



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