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Write Congress: Restore USAID funding to Yemen now!

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Reports of coronavirus spreading in Aden, Sana’a, and Hadramout are breaking from Yemen. And experts predict the numbers are much, much higher due to lack of testing and false reporting. 

But the Trump administration suspended humanitarian aid to Yemen at the beginning of this pandemic.  

On a regular day, with the United States' complicity in the brutal Saudi- and Emirati-led war raging in Yemen, this aid suspension is horrific. And during these unprecedented pandemic days, it’s UNCONSCIONABLE. Yemenis don’t have nearly enough tests, masks, ICU beds, ventilators, and PPE. 

The thing is, Congress already appropriated this aid for Yemen. So it can demand the Trump administration not block humanitarian aid to Yemen any longer. And we have the ability to make sure our members of Congress hear us loud and clear that we want them to do everything they can. Today. 

Write your members of Congress now and urge they press USAID to restore funding to Yemen in the face of coronavirus!


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