Win Without War

Send an LTE: Maximum Pressure is a Maximum Failure

As Iran reels from a lethal third COVID wave with nearly half a million already infected and over 27,000 dead and much of the country on lockdown, the flow of basic necessities — food, medicine, and humanitarian aid — will be further restricted by new sanctions announced by the Trump administration.

Sanctions are war by another name. The long held playbook for Iran hawks inside and outside of the Trump administration is that sanctions will inflict such pain on the population that the people will rise up and overthrow their government. In other words: regime change.

We cannot stay silent in the face of Trump’s latest outrageous actions toward Iran and must speak out. Help us tell the true story of sanctions by sending a letter to the editor (LTE) that will educate and possibly, open the hearts and minds of your neighbors and policymakers.

LTEs are one of the quickest, most effective ways to fight for and spread a message of peace. Policymakers at every level, from the mayor’s office to the U.S. Congress and the White House, closely track newspapers to see what their constituents are saying about them and the news. 

After you submit your name and address, simply choose which newspaper you'd like to submit your letter to. Then, use the resources and sample copy below to draft and send your own letter. Don't forget you can come back here and submit as many letters to as many different papers as you want and if your letters are published please write us at info[@] to let us know!


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