Win Without War

Stand with Transgender Servicemembers!

With one tweet, President Trump just disrespected the service of thousands of active members of the U.S. Military.

Trump's decision to ban trangender individuals from serving in the military is a shameful moment in our country. This is unacceptable. But we're going to stand together to fight for our transgender servicemembers.

Defense Sec James Mattis has a duty to honor and protect transgender service members, as he would any of the 1.3 million active duty service members. Will you sign this petition urging Mattis to stand with transgender troops?

To Defense Secretary James Mattis:

Secretary Mattis, our nation is stronger when all Americans are free to serve, free from discrimination like the President's proposed ban on transgender troops. We urge you to stand up for the thousands of transgender service members currently serving and reject this hateful ban.

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