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Tell Congress: Green New Deal NOW!

Every single human on our planet has a BURNING GIGANTIC EXISTENTIAL PROBLEM: our current climate crisis. 

Mass displacement, destroyed infrastructure, food and water scarcity— these climate-related disasters are causing conflict and harm to people all over the planet. 

As one of the biggest polluters in the world and largest consumers of energy, the U.S. military is an essential aspect of the United States’ role as a key driver of the international climate emergency.

This emergency affects ALL OF US. That’s why it’s important that antiwar activists weigh in on the solutions to the largest national and global security crisis of our time. And that’s why we’re throwing our support behind a Green New Deal for the United States. 

The Green New Deal is a chance: a 10-year plan to mobilize every aspect of society toward 100% clean and renewable energy, reform our economy to be based on human needs not human suffering, guarantee a good, sustainable job to all — especially those traditionally excluded — and work together, across industries and communities, to heal our planet and avoid global disaster. 

We don’t have very long to push through solutions to our current climate crisis. People around the world and here at home are already feeling the effects of this growing crisis. And it’s essential that the U.S. help lead the global charge to stop this crisis in its tracks. But we can’t lead international efforts to create the drastic changes we need on a global stage unless we lead by example here at home

With the Green New Deal, we have a shot at preventing the worst effects of the climate crisis from becoming a reality – but only if we ALL do everything we can RIGHT NOW.

Will you ask your member of Congress to support the Green New Deal now?


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Please support Representative Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Markey’s Green New Deal resolution. Climate change is a national and international security crisis happening right now that affects all of us. We must take bold action now!
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