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Justice for Vanessa Guillén: Shut Down Fort Hood now!

Vanessa Guillén was an enlisted soldier at Fort Hood who told her immigrant mother she was being sexually harassed by one of her superiors. Two months after her disappearance, the Army did little to investigate, and she was found murdered.

The Department of Defense and the Army cannot continue to investigate themselves and should not be allowed to operate under secrecy to conceal its longstanding failures. Vanessa Guillén, her family, and all harmed by this system of impunity deserve justice now.

That's why we are joining Vets for the People in demanding Fort Hood, a military base with a deadly track record of failing soldiers, and the highest suicide and sexual assault rates — be shut down. It is a clear danger to all on it and around it. The comfort and normalcy of troops' abuse and expendability cannot continue.

Most immediately, we demand a Congressional delegation go to Fort Hood and for operations to a halt until a full Congressional investigation is completed and those who failed Vanessa Guillén are held accountable.

Not one more!


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