Win Without War

Let’s get states the resources they need to fight wildfires

The fires tearing across the West Coast are an unmitigated climate disaster. And one of the most impacted states, Oregon, is tackling it with one hand tied behind its back — thanks to the Pentagon.

Oregon’s National Guard is *without* SIX of their largest firefighting and civilian-rescuing helicopters, CH-47 Chinooks, because they’ve been deployed to Afghanistan. 

It’s not because the Pentagon is short of funding — just this year Congress handed them a $740 billion dollar budget — it’s because our priorities are so fundamentally flawed: enormous threats to humanity like climate change and pandemics are completely ignored, while the Pentagon continues to get whatever it asks for to fight endless wars.

But with smoke smothering communities up and down the West Coast, those priorities are being called into question — and that’s created a critical and urgent opening to push the Pentagon to end its misallocation of resources towards war and away from tackling climate change — and we need your help to challenge the status quo and ensure these states get the support they need.

Add your name to demand ANY available resources come home from fighting endless wars and start fighting fires in Oregon and California.

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Governors Brown and Newsom,

Our hearts are with you and the people of your states. Climate change and its effects are leaving communities like Oregon and California’s across the United States increasingly vulnerable. This crisis deserves not only our attention but our resources — and the Pentagon has what we need. 

I urge and support you to order your states’ National Guard and any available resources to come home from fighting endless wars and start fighting Oregon and California’s fires.

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