Win Without War

Tell Congress: No war with Iran!

We are in an all-out crisis mode-- we have never been closer to a full-scale war with Iran as we are right now.

Oil tankers detained by gun-boats in the middle of the night, drones allegedly blown out of the sky by both sides, rhetoric of retaliation reaching terrifying new heights.

From the U.S. designating part of the Iranian military a “terrorist organization,” to killing the Iran Deal last year — the Trump administration has been paving the path toward war.

But Congress can stop them. 

Add your name to demand Congress do everything it can to stop the Trump administration from waging a devastating war with Iran — the impacts of which will be felt the hardest by everyday Iranian and American people.

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To: Congress

The American people do not support the Trump administration's escalatory rhetoric and actions to justify a needless, disastrous, and costly war with Iran. Please represent us and make our demand clear: No war with Iran!
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