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Tell the Senate: Oppose Hyten’s confirmation!

The U.S. military has a massive crisis of sexual assault and gender-based violence within its ranks — a crisis that also includes routinely punishing and silencing survivors who speak up about their experiences.

And instead of actually taking that on, the U.S. military is right now promoting General John Hyten as a candidate for one of the highest positions of military leadership — a candidate who is currently being accused of sexual assault by Army Col. Kathryn Spletstoser.

If this confirmation continues as business as usual, it doesn’t just undermine Spletstoser — it undermines every single survivor of sexual and gender-based violence. 

We cannot allow that. So here’s what we have to do. If we can make enough noise, we can push our Senators to oppose Hyten’s confirmation and demand an unbiased investigation into Spletstoser’s accusations. Because then we send a new message to survivors: We believe you. 

Will you join me in sending that message?

Tell your Senators today: Oppose Hyten & demand investigation NOW!


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To the U.S. Senate,

Vote “no” on General John Hyten’s confirmation as Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. You cannot advance a candidate accused of sexual assault to the second-highest military leadership position. We urge you to demand an unbiased investigation now!

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