Win Without War

The PEOPLE demand diplomacy.

Right now, a political fight is mounting around Rob Malley, President Biden’s rumored choice for Special Envoy to Iran.

Malley is among the most respected foreign policy experts in the United States — and what’s becoming clear is that fights like these will not be about any one individual or policy proposal. They’re about a choice with lasting consequences: advance U.S. foreign policy through diplomacy and dialogue or, advance it through war and violence.

Activists like you and me know that diplomacy is how we’ll achieve true security. But if Biden doesn’t act quickly and make a hard push away from the pro-war forces of the past, hardliners at home will dig in and make this negotiation impossible.

We urgently need activists like YOU to join in the effort, because when the grassroots supports a call for peace, diplomacy WINS. That’s what happened with the Iran deal the first time around — and that’s what we need to happen again.

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To President Biden:

Concerned activists urge you to double down on diplomacy: return to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and end sanctions on Iran as quickly as possible. 

We believe strongly that the U.S. must engage simultaneously on security and non-proliferation as well as on human rights. This commitment is essential to advancing the United States’ national interest, bringing greater peace and stability to the Gulf, and realigning U.S. foreign policy with our professed values.


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