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Add your name: Demand Congress prohibit funds for nuclear testing!

Nuclear testing has inflicted direct and lasting harm on people and communities — particularly Indigenous peoples. It poisons the food we eat, the water we drink, even the air that we breathe. Not just for people in the United States, but for everyone, EVERYWHERE.

And just this week, top administration officials maintained that they would reserve the right to conduct tests if they see a need for it — there’s no way we can trust Trump with this decision.

The good news is Trump CAN’T resume nuclear testing on his own. Testing these weapons takes money, and Congress holds the purse strings. So we’ve got to get loud now and make sure Congress doesn’t fund a race to the bottom!

Will you add your name to our joint petition to Congress to demand they prohibit funds for nuclear testing?


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To U.S. Congress:

Please support the PLANET Act, which would prohibit funds for an explosive nuclear weapons test.

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