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Stephen Miller Must Go!

A key member of Trump’s team who authored the Muslim Ban and family separation policies has privately pushed for widespread dissemination of extreme white supremacist ideas for YEARS.

The Southern Poverty Law Center uncovered 720 emails from White House Senior Policy Advisor Stephen Miller, further confirming what many of us have long known: Miller’s racist and xenophobic ideology is the basis for U.S. immigration policy under the Trump administration. 

ANYONE sharing these kinds of despicable beliefs has NO PLACE determining U.S. policy. And even though Stephen Miller is not elected, he is not untouchable — he HAS to go:


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To U.S. Congress:

Stephen Miller has fueled white nationalism in the White House for too long. His anti-immigrant agenda puts the United States at incredible risk. His views are toxic and should be treated as such. We applaud the calls already made by members of Congress to remove Stephen Miller from the White House, and urge every Representative and Senator who opposes his racist and bigoted policies to add your name to that growing chorus.

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