Win Without War

Stop Trump’s illegal development and diplomacy cuts

In yet another obscene power grab, the Trump administration just froze up to $4 billion in life-saving funding for global health initiatives, development aid, and more. 

These are investments that educate. That cure. That support democratic change and human safety. Funding that improves and saves lives in the poorest countries in the world. And these investments are ultimately critical to staving off wars. We should be increasing this type of U.S. government funding, not freezing it.

Crucially: Congress, which has the Constitutional power of the purse, has ALREADY APPROVED this funding! What Trump is attempting is a backdoor attempt that is likely not just ILLEGAL, but UNCONSTITUTIONAL.There’s already reports of bipartisan opposition, but if we can turn that into a massive outcry in the next few days, we can stop this plan just like we did last year.

Add your name to ask your Representative to reject Trump’s cruel and illegal diplomacy and development funding cuts.

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Dear Congress,

Oppose the Administration’s attempt to bypass Congress and cut up to $4 billion dollars in life-saving development and diplomacy funding. You have the Constitutional power of the purse, and Donald Trump must not be allowed to go around that to block our nation’s vital investments in global health, peacebuilding, diplomacy, and other human needs.

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