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Tell Congress: Fire Jared Kushner

Explosive reports broke that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) reportedly hacked Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos via WhatsApp. 

This news stacks on last year’s reports that Jared Kushner uses WhatsApp, despite senior officials directing him not to, to secretly speak with foreign contacts like MbS — just one of Kushner’s many corrupt government leader courtships. 

Jared Kushner has been a consistent security risk since day one — when he was reportedly DENIED his security clearance by top security officials. Yet despite his dodgy track record, Kushner is STILL at the White House putting out his peace sham that would permanently dispossess Palestinians of their land. 

Jared Kushner is not just a risk to U.S. security, but the entire world’s security. He doesn’t have to follow the rules because it is exactly this kind of nepotism that allows for impunity. And that’s why he must be fired NOW.


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