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Tell Congress: Don't Put Raytheon’s Profits Over Human Suffering

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A State Department employee who used to work as a lobbyist for defense giant Raytheon was the key figure in pressuring Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to maintain U.S. involvement in the brutal war in Yemen — where Raytheon has reaped mega-profits from arms sales.

To summarize: The Trump administration is helping kill children in Yemen. Raytheon is profiting. So Mike Pompeo sided with Raytheon.

Enough is enough. Add your name to demand Congress step in.

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To: The United States Congress

The news of State Department corruption to cover up war crimes proves that Trump administration is utterly incapable of responding to the disaster of U.S. involvement in Yemen. You must step in.

Please, act to end U.S. support for the brutal war in Yemen immediately.

Thank you!

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