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Tell Facebook: End the Trump Exemption

We already know Facebook has been used to incite violence and hate around the world. Now, politicians' posts and ads are exempt from the platform’s rules on factual accuracy, and the Trump campaign’s reaction is a sign of what’s to come.

After Facebook’s announcement, the Trump campaign IMMEDIATELY INCREASED the amount they spend on Facebook ads by 300% —promoting a video whose central claim was rejected as ‘false’ by Facebook’s approved fact-checkers.

Coordinated misinformation campaigns can undermine national unity, the nature of truth, and our ability to find solutions to common challenges — all fundamental threats to our democracy. And the stakes are way, way too high for this policy to stand — especially with the 2020 elections rapidly approaching. 

Add your name — Demand Facebook end this loophole and restore bans on misinformation and hate from politicians!


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To: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

With the 2020 election already underway, there is no room for politicians to be allowed to push misinformation and voter suppression on the world’s largest social media platform. The 2016 election proved that Facebook is an extremely powerful platform for disseminating harmful misinformation. We're calling on you to end the Trump exemption and require all posts and ads from politicians to meet the same standards all other users must abide by.

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