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Tell U.S. Media Outlets: Don’t sell war with Iran!

U.S.-Iran relations have teetered towards a dangerous tipping point — and every breaking story seems set on launching us into a nightmare.

And just when we need them most, too many media outlets are failing to apply a critical lens to Trump’s march to war with Iran.

In fact, there is a HUGE Trump administration and arms dealer-led PR campaign to sell the U.S. public a war with Iran, and the media is helping serve it up.

Now is not the time for our media to serve as stenographers for the Trump administration’s war campaign. The stakes are literally life and death. That’s why we need to make sure media outlets know we are watching.  Will you add your name to our urgent call?

U.S. media outlets: Don’t sell Trump, Bolton, and Pompeo’s war with Iran!

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Dear U.S. media outlets ABC, AP, CBS, CNN, NBC, NPR, the New York Times, Reuters, USA Today, the Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal:
  1. Stop quoting, interviewing, and featuring op-eds from those calling for war with Iran without identifying their ties to the defense industry. 
  2. Stop writing headlines that paint the U.S. as an innocent actor and Iran as the sole aggressor.
  3. Stop featuring National Security Advisor John Bolton on segments, op-eds, and quotes without noting his history of calling for war with Iran for two decades. 
  4. Challenge any and all claims on Iran made by Trump administration officials and their allies. 
  5. Stop quoting biased commentators without identifying they are part of pro-war or pro-regime change think tanks like the Foundation for the Defense of Democracy, or are fake accounts by the MEK/Mojahedin-e-Khalq
  6. Stop using incendiary and orientalist photos of "Iranians burning an American flag" randomly paired with articles on events not connected to the photo at all.
  7. Quote, interview, and feature progressive Iranian, Iranian-American, and American people, activists, and experts who can speak to the real impacts of a destructive U.S.-Iran war.
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