Win Without War

Tell your Governor: National Guard off our streets NOW!

Across the country, streets are filled with Black protesters and allies rising up to demand justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and the countless Black lives stolen by white supremacist policing and centuries of oppression. Protestors calling for divesting from police and investing in Black communities have been met with batons, tear gas, drones, stun grenades, rubber bullets, armored vehicles, and live ammunition. 

And now, more and more Governors are calling for the National Guard to flood our streets and meet protesters with more violent force. 

When Trump sent the military to further militarize the U.S. southern border, we rose up — and won. Governors are being pressured by the White House to deploy the National Guard. It's up to us to create a counterforce against the push and say enough is enough. Will you take action against the suppression of Black uprisings with me?

Sign and demand your governor end the war on Black people and demilitarize our streets!

*DC fam, unfortunately this action doesn’t work for our DC community, but we are committed to demilitarizing DC streets together. Many of us at Win Without War live and work in DC and we know how deeply the current crisis underscores the legacy of anti-Blackness and state violence faced by DC residents at the hands of the federal government. We are with you, and we will be getting an action that works for DCers in the coming days. Stay tuned and stay strong.*

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Dear Governor,

No National Guard on our streets: End the war on Black people!

It is critical that our local and state governments take all actions necessary to de-escalate the violence and repair the deep divisions within our communities — without threat of further and irreparable damage to Black lives. The presence of the National Guard in our state ensures that we are increasingly vulnerable should Trump move to federalize these units and use U.S. military force to further quell free speech and assembly.

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