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Tell Congress: Ban CIA drone strikes now!

Red Alert: Last month, Trump signed an Executive Order that could allow the CIA to become a secret killing squad, with no way to know how many people they kill. 

Drone strikes have tripled under Trump. He already snuck the CIA dangerous authority to conduct shadow drone wars around the world that are killing civilians, including Somalia, Yemen, and Pakistan. And now there is literally nothing in U.S. law requiring reporting on civilian casualties by the CIA — making those wars completely invisible.

But Congress can stop the CIA from waging secret air wars around the world — by banning the CIA from conducting drone strikes entirely. So it’s time for us to make sure Congress hears us loud and clear:

Tell your members of Congress to ban the secret CIA drone strikes NOW!

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Dear Members of Congress,

We cannot let allow unchecked, secret wars that harm everyday people around the world. Please ban CIA drone strikes for good.

Thank you.

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