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Tell the Senate: Support the Resolution to end Trump’s Emergency Declaration

Trump is declaring a fake emergency and creating a constitutional crisis — all to advance his hateful anti-immigrant political agenda.

Senator Udall’s bill S.J.Res 10 rejects this. It will end Trump’s fake emergency.

The House just overwhelmingly passed Rep. Castro’s bill to end the emergency declaration, and there’s a good chance the Senate will land a historic rejection of this fake emergency right on Trump’s desk.

Urge your senators to support S.J.Res 10 now. Let’s go!


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To the U.S. Senate:

Donald Trump’s emergency declaration is an unconstitutional political ploy that undermines our democracy and supercharges his white supremacist agenda.

As your constituent, I urge you to support S.J.Res 10 introduced by Senators Udall and Collins and end this fake emergency once and for all!
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