Win Without War

Call Now to Tear Up A Blank Check For Endless War!

We’ve got some unfinished business. 

You may know that Win Without War was founded in opposition to the heedless, destructive rush to invade Iraq two decades ago. That’s why we’ve made repealing the 2001 and 2002 authorizations for use of military force — the key laws that have made decades of endless war in the Middle East possible — a key priority.

Why all this work, so many years later? Because we can’t trust that wars are over until Congress flexes its constitutional muscle and revokes the war authorities that started them in the first place. 

Now, it’s go-time. Leading members of Congress are currently negotiating behind closed doors on whether to repeal the ‘02 AUMF this year. With just days to influence the outcome, we’re pulling out all the stops. You can help by calling your Senators and pushing them to support a repeal NOW!

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