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URGENT: Tell Congress to End US Role in Yemen's Humanitarian Emergency

UPDATE 6/15/18: The UAE-Saudi alliance is attacking Hodeidah, with U.S. support. The U.N. reports that 10.6 MILLION Yemenis are now on the brink of famine. Call Congress and demand they intervene NOW to end the United States' ongoing role in enabling this international emergency.


The heartbreaking humanitarian crisis in Yemen fueled by our public dollars is taking a horrific turn for the worse. On Monday 6/11, Secretary of State Pompeo gave a soft-green light for the Emirati and Saudi-led coalition bombing of the vital port city of Hodeidah. Cutting off food and medicine would trigger a death spiral for the 8 million Yemenis already on the brink of starvation. For three years, U.S. military and political support enabling the brutality of war in Yemen has triggered the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. Now, Pompeo’s support of the horrific attack on Hodeidah will cause famine, suffering, and death even worse than the last three years of atrocities.

Call now and demand your Members of Congress stand with Yemenis and end U.S. support for this brutal war.

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