Win Without War

Tell Your Rep: Cut the Pentagon Budget and Invest in Our Communities!

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President Biden sits on three-quarters of a TRILLION dollar Pentagon budget with no plans to cut the budget and reinvest money to our current needs. In fact, he just increased the budget from Trump levels by $12.5 billion! And  is one of the people who can raise the flags and push for progressive use of the funds.

Our Representatives have a job and that is to listen to us — help us make sure a budget cut to the Pentagon is a priority! 

Our Representatives know we’re counting on them as we look to build a post-COVID future, and we need their commitment and voice to ensure that our communities will come first. 

Will you write to today and ask that they raise their voices to ensure we’re no longer making the Pentagon a priority of our funding but other needs such as housing, health care, and food security?


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