Win Without War

Joaquin Castro for HFAC Chair!

Right now, the House Democratic Caucus is making their decisions about who will chair the House Foreign Affairs (HFAC) and other key committees during the 117th Congress.

The role HFAC plays in U.S. foreign policy CANNOT be understated. Nearly EVERY congressional decision related to our work — ending endless war, holding bad actors accountable, strengthening international human rights, stopping arms sales to human rights abusers — goes through this committee.

And out of a string of status quo candidates, Representative Joaquin Castro is gathering enormous momentum because as Chair, he’ll center human rights and human dignity, justice, accountability, cooperation, and diplomacy in U.S. foreign policy.

Congress doesn’t usually hear from constituents on these races, so our voices can carry a ton of weight — and make an impact! Will you add your name to our endorsement and send a message to your Representative now?

Note that this action targets Democratic members of Congress, who will be voting on Democratic leadership positions. If you are represented by a Republican your letter will not be sent although your participation will be tracked!

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