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Congress: Repeal the 2002 AUMF!

After a decade of calls, petitions, and work from so many people, we’re seeing the tide turn on endless war. President Biden campaigned on ending the forever wars — now we’ve got to push him to make good on that promise. 

Representative Barbara Lee has introduced legislation (H.R. 256) that would finally repeal the original law that authorized the 2003 disastrous invasion of Iraq and has since been stretched beyond comprehension. 

This means that dominoes are lined up for the first time in a DECADE to end one of the key forever war laws — and the first are falling this week with key House committees holding hearings. With enough grassroots pressure from activists like you, we can give this bill the momentum it needs to get it past the finish line. But we’ve got to act quickly.

Please take two minutes to write and urge your Representative to co-sponsor H.R. 256 to repeal the 2002 AUMF immediately.

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