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Senators: No more billion dollar Pentagon presents!

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Senator Wicker (R-MS) is calling for an additional $25 BILLION to be added to an already astronomical $778,000,000,000 Pentagon budget. 

After months of an uphill fight to get critically needed funds for families to access child care, paid leave, and affordable housing, the idea that we would turn around and pour BILLIONS more into weapons and war is, frankly, absurd.

A vote on the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) could literally happen any minute now, and that's why we need to mobilize to stop Senator Wicker’s amendment in its tracks NOW — before it gains any momentum. 

The way we do that is by reminding every Senator where their constituents stand on this issue: sign and send our urgent note to your Senators, urging them to vote against Senate Wicker’s Pentagon budget boost and any NDAA amendments that would add additional funds to the weapons and war budget!

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