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Support Rep. Lee’s repeal of AUMF now!

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The United States has been fighting an endless worldwide brutal war for almost 20 years. And it’s all because Congress signed over a blank check when they passed the “Authorization for use of Military Force” — or AUMF — in 2001.   

Luckily, champion Congresswoman Barbara Lee is pushing a bill to revoke Congress’ two-decade-old authorization for the failed post-9/11 wars. And it gets voted on as soon as this week.

If we can get Rep. Lee’s bill as many co-sponsors as possible, we’ll have a chance of winning this vote that can help prevent Trump’s war cabinet from starting even more wars, from Venezuela to Iran. But we need to act fast.

Tell your representative to cosponsor Rep. Lee’s “Repeal of the Authorization of Military Force” bill to end endless war this week. If your representative already cosponsored, we still need to urge them to take the next step and speak out in strong support of bringing Rep. Lee’s bill to the floor for a vote!

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