Win Without War

Write your Newspaper: Deadly Sanctions in Iran Must End NOW

Trump’s suffocating blanket sanctions on Iran were a declaration of economic war against people in Iran. Today, Biden continues sanctions that make it harder for people in Iran to access food, water, medicine, and aid. On top of that, Iran is in the midst of a FOURTH wave of COVID-19 that continues to devastate the country, with a daily death toll of more than 360 people.

Send a letter to the editor (LTE) and spread the message that we can no longer be complicit to this violence.

We still have a good chance to push this administration in the right direction but we can’t do it without people-powered support. Each of us has a community to share this information with, and policymakers and their staff closely monitor what’s in the news — we simply cannot afford to stay silent any longer. 

After you submit your name and address, simply choose which newspaper you'd like to submit your letter to. Then, use the Talking Points and draft copy below or write your own letter to the editor (definitely add your representatives names if you know them!). Don't forget you can come back here and submit as many letters to as many different papers as you want!

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