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Trump abused the unrivaled powers of the presidency in a shameless attempt to subvert our country's constitutional order — and while our democratic institutions ultimately won the day, the insurrection revealed just how precarious and fragile our democracy truly is. Unless we limit, check, and balance the power of the executive, we may not get so lucky next time a sitting president attempts a Trumpian, blatantly autocratic power-grab.

One of Trump's favorite laws to use and abuse was the National Emergencies Act, which gives the President of the United States nearly complete discretion on declaring national emergencies. When such emergencies are declared, whoever sits at the Oval Office gets a virtual carte blanche to respond as they see fit, including the ability to shut down communications networks, seize private property, or control domestic transportation — all without ANY meaningful checks and balances from Congress. I'm sure you can see how quickly this could spiral out of control.

Thankfully, you and I have champions we can count on in Washington, D.C.: As I type this, an unlikely bipartisan effort is building in Congress to SHUT DOWN the most gaping loopholes in the National Emergencies Act, such that no President, even if they tried, could pull off what Trump attempted to do in his final week in office — and now I'm asking for your help pushing your representatives to support it.

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To Members of the United States Congress:

Trump’s assault on democracy on January 6 has exposed how fragile our democratic institutions are in the face of unchecked presidential power. To strengthen and safeguard our democratic institutions, we urge you to support the bipartisan effort to amend the FY 2023 National Defense Authorization Act aimed at reforming the National Emergencies Act and giving lawmakers the tools it needs to provide a meaningful check and balance on the President’s expansive emergency powers.


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