Win Without War

Amazon must reduce greenhouse emissions.

Just about all our “bold” ideas to take on this existential crisis fall short in one key way: addition. 

We’re struggling with basic math, namely how we accurately count the full scale of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. Today, nearly every industry and agency has loopholes or tricky tallying that allow hundreds of MILLIONS of metric tons of greenhouse gasses to go uncounted every year — and that’s just a low estimate. These emissions are taking a devastating toll on the economy and the planet, and are directly harming people around the world.

And that’s why we say ENOUGH. Win Without War is committed to upending this status quo and building a world where everyone can thrive. That’s why we’re deepening our work to go after polluters everywhere, from the Pentagon to the private sector. 

We’re stronger when we speak as a movement, so we’re joining with Demand Progress, Mighty Earth, National Campaign for Justice, and TakeItBack.Org on a crucial campaign to hold Amazon accountable for its impact. Together, we can send a petition of tens of thousands and a signal to Amazon and others that we are watching and won’t be silent. Can you join us?

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To the Amazon Board of Directors: 

Amazon’s climate pledge to become carbon neutral by 2040 is being undermined by the company’s massive recent spike in greenhouse gas emissions. I urge you to stop delaying aggressive action and take immediate steps to slash your emissions.


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