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President Biden: Cancel the Line 3 pipeline!

Crucial wetlands and rivers, including the Mississippi River, are at risk of being contaminated by Line 3, a Trump-approved pipeline expansion project. As many as 20 wild rice lakes, sacred and much needed by Indigenous communities in the region, may be ruined. Every year, the air will be poisoned by the equivalent of the total CO2 daily emissions of 16-18 million cars.

And the social cost of that poisoning? At least $287 BILLION. 

As construction of Line 3 pipeline comes terrifyingly close to completion, there’s no time to waste in stopping this project and preventing even more destruction and suffering. 

President Biden CAN stop it — he proved this when he cancelled the permit for the similarly awful Keystone XL pipeline at the beginning of his presidency. Add your name now and join us in urging him to cancel Line 3’s presidential permit!

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To President Biden:

Your administration must do all it can to honor Indigenous treaty rights and address the threats posed by climate change by stopping the construction of Line 3. I urge you to revoke or amend Line 3’s presidential permit immediately.


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