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Biden: End ALL weapon sales to Saudi Arabia & the UAE

The Trump administration’s relationship with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates exhibited corruption at its worst, and the Biden administration faces a critical opportunity to turn a new page. 

Right now, the war in Yemen continues with the UN warning that the human suffering in Yemen will get worse unless the war ends soon— and it has already cost hundreds of thousands of lives, displaced millions of families, and exacerbated an ongoing, and deepening humanitarian crisis. Despite initial positive steps in a new direction, the U.S. remains directly complicit. 

This has to end. President Biden is considering how far he’ll go to center accountability in the U.S. approach to Yemen — including in its relationship with Saudi Arabia and the UAE. It’s up to grassroots activists like you to make sure he pushes hard, fast. That means an immediate, permanent ban on all weapons sales to Saudi Arabia and the UAE and a public commitment to further accountability for harms created by past U.S. policies in Yemen.

Sign now to urge President Biden to choose a new path — and end the weapon sales that give Saudi Arabia and the UAE devastating firepower that helps fuel the war in Yemen.

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To President Biden:

It is time to hold Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates accountable for war crimes in Yemen. I urge you to take immediate action by cancelling $36.5 billion in pending weapons transfers to Saudi Arabia and the UAE, banning future weapons transfers to these countries until their human rights records improve, and providing reparations for the victims of the U.S. bombing campaign in Yemen.

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