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President Biden: End the sanctions and lift the trade embargo on Cuba!

People in Cuba took to the streets in July because they were “done with being hungry, unemployed, without water, without power.” And as so many times before, in countries across the globe, their government responded with violence, pepper spray, arrests, and internet blackouts. At least one person has died.

President Biden issued a statement of support for the Cuban people, but has so far stopped short of any meaningful action to address the U.S. foreign policy failures that drive this crisis.

And this is key. Because right now, Cubans are suffering under a decades-old U.S. trade embargo, exacerbated by additional sanctions put in place under Trump: 240 measures that have cost Cuba $20 billion over just the last two years. 

Biden promised to roll back Trump’s sanctions on Cuba while on the campaign trail and now, there’s growing pressure for him to make good on his word. The best thing the United States could do to help the Cuban people is lift its brutal embargo and end the sanctions — and you can help.

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To President Biden:

For nearly 60 years Cubans have suffered under multiple U.S. foreign policy interventions including sanctions imposed by the Trump administration as recently as 2019 — sanctions you promised to roll back on the campaign trail.

As Cubans rise up across the island to call for change we have a moral obligation to support their demands by ending the failed, unilaterally harmful trade embargo and rescinding the sanctions. 

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