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Sign now: Tell Biden to invite Ukrainian civil society to the next steering committee meeting!

It’s been one year since Vladimir Putin launched his horrific, illegal invasion of Ukraine. Yearlong relentless attacks from Putin’s soldiers have shattered Ukraine’s infrastructure: schools, hospitals, and homes have all been reduced to rubble. 

In response to that destruction, the Biden administration is helping convene a steering committee of G7 countries, the Ukrainian government, the IMF, and the World Bank to help draft a robust plan to rebuild Ukraine. But with tens of billions of dollars in humanitarian aid at stake, the only way to safeguard against austerity, corruption, and war profiteering is to make sure that Ukrainian civil society and labor unions are a part of this committee. 

The next meeting of this steering committee is in March — that’s why we need you to sign our petition asking the Biden administration to make sure Ukrainian civil society and labor unions get invitations while the guest list is still being set.

It might feel premature to talk about rebuilding Ukraine while the war is still raging, but these conversations are happening right now. Decisions are being made in the background that could have huge impacts on millions of people’s lives.

By pushing the Biden administration to include Ukrainian civil society and labor unions at this conversation, we’re creating vital new muscle memory that can set a new practice not just for Ukraine, but for rebuilding efforts around the world.

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To President Biden:

I urge you to invite Ukrainian civil society and labor unions to the upcoming meeting of the Ukraine Donor Coordination Platform Steering Committee. Any plans on reconstructing Ukraine must include the voices of Ukrainian people. 


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