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Pres. Biden: Stay Strong on Disarmament, Stay in New START!

We’ve never been closer to seeing the entire global nuclear arms control regime dismantled.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. The reality is, Putin can’t have his arms race if no one else is running. 

What the world needs right now is continued, steadfast leadership from the U.S. government. That requires a renewed commitment from the president to prioritize the crucial diplomacy necessary to build true security, and that means staying the course when it comes to arms control treaties. 

With tensions so high, political space for President Biden to take that role is shrinking. But that’s where you come in. By adding your name to this petition, you can send President Biden a crucial reminder that no matter what the hawks say, YOU and people around the country want him to stay in New START.

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To President Biden:

Withdrawing from New START would be a dangerous mistake that only accelerates Putin’s arms race and pushes the world toward a knife’s edge. I urge you to continue to prioritize diplomacy and disarmament, and reaffirm our commitment to arms control treaties like New START.


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