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President Biden: End the embargo and sanctions on Cuba!

For decades, more than 11 million people in Cuba have suffered from a brutal U.S. trade embargo and illegal economic sanctions designed to restrict access to basic necessities like food, clean water, and life-saving medicines. 

Here’s the good news: The Biden administration has already shown willingness to course correct on this front. Last month, President Biden announced the lifting of some Trump-era travel restrictions. 

But with the balance in Congress up for a vote this November, progressives are concerned we may be running out of time to normalize relations with Cuba — and amid an unprecedented pandemic, every minute this embargo continues to be in place hurts millions.

Add your name to demand the Biden administration lift the embargo and end the sanctions on Cuba now!

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To President Biden:

For decades, people in Cuba have suffered under a U.S. trade embargo and economic sanctions imposed in defiance of numerous U.N. General Assembly resolutions. We urge you to listen to the international community and put an end to the illegal sanctions and embargo without delay.


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