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Tell the Senate: Block offensive weapons bound for the Israeli gov’t

When it comes to Gaza, the U.S. government can do so much more to save lives. The latest failure to use its influence for good is an effort to move forward with an $18 BILLION arms package that includes 50 F-15 fighter jets, air-to-air missiles, and JDAM kits that retrofit unguided bombs with precision guidance.

Approving these weapons sends a deeply troubling signal that the U.S. government is not truly interested in limiting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s brutal and spiraling Gaza war. Even as the Biden administration increases pressure on the Israeli government to secure a ceasefire that can open the path to peace, it’s undercutting U.S. policy by rewarding PM Netanyahu and his far-right ministers for killing tens of thousands of people in Gaza, spurring a famine, and doing little to bring home the hostages or shore up the long-term security of Israelis and Palestinians.

The good news is that any Senator can force a vote to block this arms sale — but the window is tight. There’s just a 15-day congressional review period for arms sales like these.

We expect formal notification from the State any day now, and that’s why we’re organizing a petition to everyone in the Senate today. If one of our champs on the Hill opposes this sale and rallies others to do so, they’ll need to be ready to move fast, so please add your name now.


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To members of the 118th Senate:

The State Department is likely to formally notify Congress of an $18 billion weapons package for the Israeli government any day now. I urge you to do all you can to block this sale and immediately suspend the transfer of offensive weapons to the Israeli government.

The U.S. government should be using every ounce of influence to end the violence, get the hostages home, and save lives across Israel, Palestine, and beyond. That won’t happen if we continue to treat this moment as business as usual and send more weapons to the Israeli military without condition.

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