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Tell Pres. Biden: Ceasefire Now!

News that the Israeli military killed three hostages who were waving white flags is heart wrenching. War is impossible to contain. This horrific outcome only became more likely as the violence deepened and continued — and the problem is that right now it shows absolutely no signs of slowing.

Senior U.S. officials recently said that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s administration had “weeks, not months” to change course. But the remaining hostages and kids in Gaza — they don’t have days or weeks — they need a ceasefire NOW.

Demands for the violence to end are increasing and now include the governments of France, the United Kingdom, and Germany. Today, U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin is in Israel to push for a ‘slowdown’ of the violence, but we need more pressure and urgency from the U.S. government — and the voices of activists like you can make a huge difference.

People in Israel and Gaza can’t wait. Can you take two seconds to join one clear, urgent demand today? Call on President Biden: The U.S. government must do all it can to re-establish a ceasefire now.

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To President Biden:

For seven critical days last month, the ceasefire in Israel and Gaza worked to save lives. Now, with violence resuming, I urge you to do everything you can to ensure the parties renew the ceasefire as quickly as possible.

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