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Pres. Biden: Close the door on Trump’s racist immigration bans!

We thought the horrors of Trump’s reprehensible anti-Muslim travel bans ended when President Biden rescinded them on his first day in office. But we were wrong

When we said “No Ban Ever,” we meant it, and that means we’ve got work left to do. Nearly two years later, thousands more visa applications have been denied, and families remain separated. People impacted by the bans are struggling to access life-saving medical care, and others remain in violent situations and economic hardship. These bans STILL damage lives even after being rescinded.

Ultimately, it’ll be on the Biden administration to make this right, but the chance that they could drag their feet on, or worse, appeal this ruling is incredibly high, and too many families have already been waiting for too long. If we stay silent, little will change, but speaking out now will send President Biden a powerful message that we’re just as energized now as we were in 2017 and that we expect him to reunite these families!

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To President Biden:

I urge you to provide relief to all who have been impacted by the Trump administration’s Muslim and African Bans, and create a pathway to allow people who were denied entry to reunite with their families.


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