Win Without War

We call for stronger oversight over the defense industry!

Nearly 75% of defense companies worldwide aren’t doing enough to prevent corruption. 26 are based in the United States. 

Corrupt weapons deals prop up and entrench authoritarian regimes, let guns end up in the hands of murderous militias, and ultimately cost lives.

Transparency and oversight is the cure to this corruption, but right now Congress is giving these companies an easy-ride instead of scrutinizing their terrible track records. We can change that by urging Congress to call for stronger oversight over the defense industry. 

For more information read the Defence Companies Index 2020.

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To members of the U.S. Congress:

Of the 39 U.S. companies recently analyzed by the Defence Companies Index, 26 failed to earn a ‘C’ grade on their commitment to transparency and anti-corruption. These failures have lasting consequences, including prolonging armed conflict and increased human suffering. 

We urge you to strengthen oversight and regulation of the defense industry immediately.

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