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Tell the DOJ to Investigate Jared Kushner!

Broadside Books recently announced they’re set to publish Jared Kushner’s memoir later this summer. But Kushner doesn’t need a book deal. He needs an indictment.

Why? Six months after leaving the White House, Kushner secured a $2 BILLION investment from a fund led by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman — over objections from the fund’s advisers and with little to show for it except influence peddling and corrupt networks. 

We have to ask: Is this a potential kickback for Kushner’s past actions in the White House that benefited the Saudi government? Or is it a down payment on future favors should his father-in-law seek and win another four years in the Oval Office? 

Either way, here’s the deal: If we want our public officials to act ethically, then we have to make sure Jared Kusher, and folks like him who have made corruption a part-time gig, face consequences for their actions. Kushner must face harder questions than what he'll get on a cushy summer book tour. That’s why we’re demanding the Department of Justice investigate Kushner NOW.

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To Corey Amundson, Public Integrity Section Chief, DOJ:

Jared Kushner faces numerous accusations of misconduct, self-dealing, and corruption, including a $2 BILLION investment from a fund led by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. This behavior must be investigated and Kushner must be held accountable for any violations of ethics or the law. 


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