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Demand the Holocaust Museum #DropElliottAbrams

Elliott Abrams — Trump’s new envoy for Venezuela — has a despicable record that includes supporting death squads in El Salvador; downplaying the genocidal slaughter of over 200,000 indigenous Guatemalans; and being convicted of lying to Congress about the Iran-Contra scandal. And right now, he's helping Trump set the stage for yet another disastrous and deadly military intervention in Latin America, this time in Venezuela.

So it’s MIND-BOGGLING that the Holocaust Memorial Museum has appointed Abrams to their Committee on Conscience to “confront and work to halt acts of genocide or related crimes against humanity.”

A coalition of Central American survivors of genocide and other atrocities have joined with Holocaust survivors and their descendants to demand the Holocaust Museum remove Abrams immediately. [1]

Add your name to stand with these courageous activists and ask the Holocaust Museum to immediately remove Elliott Abrams from its Committee on Conscience!

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To: The Holocaust Memorial Museum

We stand with survivors and their family members of genocide, mass murder, and other atrocities committed under the Nazi regime and under U.S.-backed Central American military dictatorships in asking you to remove war crime enabler and genocide denier Elliott Abrams from your Committee on Conscience immediately.

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