Win Without War

It’s time to get behind diplomacy with Iran, Senator Menendez!

Diplomats are working overtime in Vienna — a great sign that the United States might avoid the path of war with Iran. But even if they do their jobs and get an Iran deal, they’ll still face roadblocks that may be put up by the powerful Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Bob Menendez.

The good news is that with such a high profile for his foreign policy work, Senator Menendez is already facing backlash for his hawkish policies — and according to news reports, it’s getting under his skin

That means having peace activists like you hold him accountable for these terrible decisions can have a real impact. But it’s crucial that we get loud now, while talks are still underway — will you add your name now to show Senator Menendez that there will be a political cost to blocking diplomacy?

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To Senator Menendez:

Maximum pressure was a maximum failure that has led to millions of people suffering under brutal sanctions in Iran, brought us closer to war, and moved Iran away from the nuclear deal. As proponents of diplomacy and peace and opponents of war with Iran from around the country, we urge you, Chair Menendez, to support diplomacy with Iran.

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