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Congress: Block Trump’s last ditch UAE weapons sale

Right now, Trump is trying to ram through a massive last minute sale of $23.37 BILLION in weapons to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) — the same bombs that they and Saudi Arabia use to murder Yemeni civilians and exacerbate a humanitarian crisis — and the time for us to STOP the sale is already running out.

But we have a CRITICAL, but narrow window to act: Congress’ 30- day review period ends soon and the Senate is expected to vote on legislation that would block the sale in the coming days. The clock is ticking, but luckily we’ve done this before, and there’s no doubt that together, we can get loud enough so that (once again) Congress listens.

Sign now to tell Congress: End U.S. complicity in Yemen. Stop Trump’s last ditch arms sale to the UAE.

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To members of the U.S. Congress:

I urge you to immediately speak out against and commit to blocking Trump’s proposed $23.37 billion arms sale of fighter jets, armed drones, and bombs to the United Arab Emirates. For too long, the United States has been complicit in the Emirati and Saudi governments' destruction of Yemen. We must hold the UAE accountable, not reward them with high-tech weaponry.

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