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Tell Maj Leader Schumer: Israeli PM Netanyahu should not be given a platform in front of Congress

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has overseen the Israeli military as it’s caused catastrophic suffering in Gaza, including needlessly killing tens of thousands of people. Right now, families are starving amidst a famine his government created. That’s not all: He’s also allegedly given quotes to journalists to undermine ceasefire talks and repeatedly ignored requests from the families of hostages to get their loved ones home safe. He’s vowed to continue it all.

Yet, despite a growing list of potential war crimes, House Speaker Mike Johnson has drafted Netanyahu an invitation to address a joint session of Congress — and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is reportedly ready to sign on.

Netanyahu does not deserve the honor of speaking on the congressional stage. Especially as powerful decision-makers, from the President to the House Foreign Affairs Committee, seem finally willing to use their influence to end the horrific violence in Israel, Palestine, and beyond. Inviting Netanyahu to speak at the U.S. Capitol would not only undermine our values — it could undo the ongoing efforts to secure a ceasefire.

U.S. credibility — and hundreds of thousands of lives — are on the line. The decision is a no-brainer: Sen. Schumer must say ‘No.’ The good news? The chance that he does increases if he hears from thousands of people across the country now.

For the sake of justice, peace, and basic human decency, will you add your name to our petition to Sen. Schumer and urge him to refuse Netanyahu this prestigious platform?

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To Majority Leader Chuck Schumer:

Extending Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu an invitation to address Congress as he wages a brutal war in Gaza betrays our values and would undermine efforts to secure a ceasefire. I urge you to refuse PM Netanyahu this prestigious platform.

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